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MOLOKAI COFFEE grown and packed with Aloha from Kona Hawaii USA. Cafe Hawaiano.The Hawaiian Islands are just before the date line and in the coffee zone! Copyright© 2015 DMM. All rights reserved. Coffees of Hawaii.

- MOLOKAI COFFEE always FRESH direct from HAWAII -

From the tiny island of Molokai in the Hawaiian archipelago come unique and extraordinary Arabica gourmet coffees.
Molokai Coffee - Muleskinner and Mulalani Estate roasted coffees - FRESH Coffees of Hawaii1% for the Planet - Molokai Coffees of Hawaii - To support the revitalization of the land 'anai', culture and ecology in of the Hawaiian isles, one percent of revenues is donated to this cause. Coffees of Hawaii Seal of Quality
A 500 acre coffee plantation and mill in the village of Kualapu‘u is the only source of Moloka'i coffee
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Coffees of Hawaii Estate and Farm
100% USA grown and packed on MOLOKA'I

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Health and Quality Warning:
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Did you know that all imported raw coffee beans in the USA need to be fumigated in the country of origin for eight hours with methyl bromide, a carcinogenic chemical that may cause many illness and is bad for the environment?
It is no secret that Coffee from pre-roasted imported coffee beans have lost most of their aroma and flavor.

1% For the Planet: To support the revitalization of the coffee plantation, the coffee farm land 'aina', culture and ecology in of the Hawaiian isles, this Molokai coffee company donates one percent of revenues to this cause.

Muleskinner Coffee trivia

The North Shore of Moloka‘i is an extreme landscape-cliffs that plunge more than 2,000 feet into the crashing sea. At the bottom of these cliffs, a small peninsula juts like a note thrust under a door. Only the most courageous of souls know this peninsula and the switchback trail that connects it with "topside" Moloka‘i. For generations now, Hawaiian muleskinners have traversed this terrain on the backs of their sharp-witted, sure-footed mules. The original Muleskinner coffee is named for the landscape whose essence it bears. A natural-dried Arabica coffee dark-roasted to a rich, dark finish. A hearty coffee that's 100% Moloka‘i grown for the true coffee lover, with a husky, yet smooth, full-bodied taste.

Malulani Coffee trivia

The Malulani flavor results from our original "washed Arabica" process, which brings out the natural acidity of these 100% Moloka‘i-grown beans. Then a gentle roasting releases subtle, resonating essences unique to the soil of Moloka‘i. From ancient times, Moloka‘i has been known as place of great spiritual vigor. The old legends claim that the people of Moloka‘i repelled invading armies simply by harnessing the power of prayer. The island continues this tradition of quiet self-reliance by resisting not armies but urban modernism. (Not one traffic light on Moloka‘i!) "Malu" means shade, shelter, and inner stillness. "Lani" refers to the celestial realm.

Molokai trivia

The Hula dance performed by women and men captures the essence of all that is Hawai‘i. It echoes the forms of nature specific winds and mists, peaks and seas. It also preserves the skills and history of the Hawaiian people. This art form (they say) began here on Moloka‘i, on a sacred hill known as Pu‘u Nana. From here it spread throughout the islands, and it continues to lead Hawaiian culture into the future.
When the trade winds get squeezed in between the high peaks of the Hawaiian islands, they howl and thrash the sea channels. Moloka‘i faces three of these wild channels. Looking east to Maui Pailolo. Looking south to Lana‘i Kalohi. Looking west to O‘ahu Kaiwi. Old-days Hawaiians crossed these channels not in jets but in canoes. They used hand-hewn tree trunks, vine lashings, bark sails, powerful muscles, and raw courage. For today's canoe clubs, little has changed.

How many cups of coffee yield 1pound?

1 pound yields about 45 - 8oz cups of coffee depending on if you make it weak or strong. If you spend $20(45c/cup) for a pound of Molokai gourmet coffee and make it at home, you save about $140 over buying 45 coffees at coffee outlets!

A perfect cup of Molokai estate Coffee

When using Molokai coffees of Hawaii, the most important element of a great cup of coffee is the water. If your water is high in mineral content or impurities, a good choice is to switch to a quality bottled water. To brew use a French Press or high-grade drip coffee maker. For peak flavor add one tablespoon of ground coffee for every six ounces of cool water. Consume your Muleskinner coffee immediately after brewing. To preserve freshness, store in a cool, dark place

100% Moloka'i Coffee - Grown in Hawaii - USA

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